Using Wodify

We wanted to give everyone a quick tutorial on using the Wodify system. If you have any problems using Wodify at the gym or on your phone please let us know and we will give you more detailed information.

Entering Scores

Enter your score as recorded on the whiteboard at the gym. Please do not change the measurement in the Wodify system. Example: if we did 4 x 5 back squats you will see the measure at 1 x 5. We only want to measure the last set you did. You will have better records later when we do percentage work. Only use the RX button if you did all movements of the workout as prescribed. If you have question if you did the workout as prescribed as your coach.

Reserving your class time

We have some class times that are very popular and have the potential to fill up. The Wodify system is set up to allow you to reserve your place in your favorite class up to 5 days in advance. Please try to reserve your class time at the very minimum of an hour before the class starts.


Thank you to everyone that has been courteous enough to others, by cancelling their reservation for class when they know they will not be able to attend. If you need to cancel your class time please do so as soon as possible, so others that want the same class time can take that spot.