Nutrition can be a black box.  There are so many studies that contradict one another, making it difficult to scientifically say what is healthy and what is not.  Due to this I decided to just try the Paleo challenge with the thought, “If I wanted to look like Randy, then I need to act like him”.

After completing 30 days of the challenge I feel faster, I feel stronger, I am more defined and overall I feel better.  I can support or refute the paleo lifestyle using the literature but I can only support it with the results I obtained from trying it.  If you want to be faster, stronger and have more muscle definition I suggest that you give this challenge a shot.  It worked for me both in the way I felt and in the results I obtained.

A very satisfied and slightly muscular Flight Surgeon.

Corey Florida July 19, 2016

I entered into a 45 day Paleo challenge with Perdido Bay CrossFit and 5 other ladies on January 5th. We had our final weigh in and measurements last Sat and our final workout this week. It was definitely a challenge but my results were amazing! I've never had so much support like I have had these last 45 days! Thank you to my number one fans, my husband Frank and my kiddos, and to all my friends and family. I couldn't have done it without all of you! Without the reassurance from Angela and Randy coaching me daily my results wouldn't be what they are today! It isn't just about the results but more for the benefit for my health. Here's to entering into my 40's being healthier! Congratulations to all of us that entered into this challenge for a job well done!!!

Deanne Florida February 22, 2016

I really feel so great with how I did this month! I fell off the wagon this weekend, but I still tried to make good choices (with moderation). Overall I lost 14.9 lbs! And about 5 inches overall. Not a bad month.

Jaime Washington November 24, 2013

Down 14.4 lbs.... LOVE Paleo! And, this is w/moments of weakness. Thank you all for doing this. I'm starting my 2nd "round" today....yes, prior to Thanksgiving! Hugs to yall!

Katherine New Jersey November 24, 2013

Never thought I'd see the day that my pants fall off by just vacuuming Round 2 of strict Paleo starts tomorrow! THANK YOU, Angela Marie & Randy!! I love myself a little more each day

Brandy Texas November 24, 2013

Finally "get it" I was making it so much harder than it really is!?!?? Protein, Fat, Carb every meal!?!? HELLO!!! Lol

Tina Pennsylvania November 24, 2013

I can't wait to continue paleo and see the rest of the changes that await our bodies. Eating junk hurts and feels disgusting. My family is telling me I'm too skinny. I respond... "I'm just healthy."

Karridi Washington November 24, 2013

I can't wait to continue eating strict paleo so I can see more dramatic physical results 🙂 Your encouragement and support through the challenge was awesome, so thank you very much for such a great jump start! My results are not as drastic as I had hoped for, but that is just more reason to keep going.

Sarah Washington November 16, 2013

I went into the PBCF Paleo Challenge as your typical 5-day a week CrossFit-wife-mother of two-full time student-hectic schedule-girl. The reason I signed up to take this challenge was because I needed guidance. I needed to be held accountable for my daily food intake. I needed the outside support and I needed the knowledge of how to be successful with paleo.

I got out of the challenge what I put into it. I worked really hard, dedicating a lot of my time to making sure I was doing it correctly. Each Sunday, I would plan, prepare, and prep 6 meals for each day. Guess what? It paid off. By the end of the four-week challenge, I was lifting heavier, faster in my WOD's and I cut fat off my body and made room for my muscles.

Throughout the challenge, I received one on one help and guidance from the coaches. After I submitted my food log, I would get feedback right away so that I would have time to make any adjustments before food prep for the following week took place. I was given the tools to be successful with paleo. Team PBCF really helped me stay true to myself during this challenge. They were right by my side when I needed help and guided me through the four weeks that helped better myself!

Jacqueline B. California November 16, 2013