Jacqueline B.

I went into the PBCF Paleo Challenge as your typical 5-day a week CrossFit-wife-mother of two-full time student-hectic schedule-girl. The reason I signed up to take this challenge was because I needed guidance. I needed to be held accountable for my daily food intake. I needed the outside support and I needed the knowledge of how to be successful with paleo.

I got out of the challenge what I put into it. I worked really hard, dedicating a lot of my time to making sure I was doing it correctly. Each Sunday, I would plan, prepare, and prep 6 meals for each day. Guess what? It paid off. By the end of the four-week challenge, I was lifting heavier, faster in my WOD’s and I cut fat off my body and made room for my muscles.

Throughout the challenge, I received one on one help and guidance from the coaches. After I submitted my food log, I would get feedback right away so that I would have time to make any adjustments before food prep for the following week took place. I was given the tools to be successful with paleo. Team PBCF really helped me stay true to myself during this challenge. They were right by my side when I needed help and guided me through the four weeks that helped better myself!

Jacqueline B. California November 16, 2013