2016 Summer Paleo Challenge Winners

We have Winners!! Before we announce the winners (which all of our participants are WINNERS with all of the lbs & inches lost and gains in the box this go round) I need to explain some important information about how awesome these people really are and what they really accomplished.
A. Weight loss: if a person during the Paleo challenge loses 5 lbs then they really potentially lose closer to 10 lbs of fat and gained around 5 lbs of muscle.
B. Strength gains: most non-Paleo participants had minimal gains on their CrossFit Total over 30 days and that is normal; however, some of our participants improved 30 lbs or more on their CrossFit total and improved over 1 full round on the metcon workout.
C. Partners: this was our first time having Paleo Challenge Participants work with a partner! We’d like your feedback on how this went for each of you. 

We had 2 groups: Body Image Change and Performance Change

Winners for Body Image Change
Ladies Winning Team: Susan Corder and Jennifer Buxton
These ladies lost a total of 14.5 lbs. They lost a combined total of 13 centimeters (over 5 inches) in their waist and 14 centimeters (over 5.5 inches) in their hips!

Guys Winning Team: Corey Conrath and LeGrand Guerry
These guys lost a total of 23.5 lbs. They lost a combined total of 9.5 centimeters (around 4 inches) at their waist. These guys also increased their combined CF Total by 75 lbs and had a combined increase in the metcon by 51 reps!

Winners for Performance Change
We only had guys teams for this part of the challenge.
Guys Winning Team: Jesse Wimsett and Nathan Gilkerson
These guys increased their combined CrossFit Total by 35 lbs and had a combined increase on their metcon by a huge 72 reps.

These are amazing results for only 30 days of changing they way they eat. Please congratulate all of our winners for a job well done!

Here are some notable performances:
Sam Massie increased his CrossFit Total by 55 lbs individually.
Jessika Brown increased her Crossfit Total by 95 lbs individually.
Kit Shaw increased his CrossFit Total by 90 lbs individually.
Kendall Pennington increased her metcon by 39 reps individually.

We want to say Thank You to everyone that participated in our 2016 Summer Paleo Challenge. There were so many more people who participated that were not mentioned; however, they also had great losses in the weight category and gains in the performance category. Everyone that participated definitely gained overall better health and understanding of the paleo lifestyle and hopefully got closer to reaching their own personal goals of living life to its fullest.

Make sure to continue the lifestyle and also plan to participate in our next Paleo Challenge. You too can take your chance!

Paleo New Year Prep Lecture & Challenge

Are you ready to change your life? Ready to jump start the 2016 New Year? Please join us for our final prep Paleo Nutrition Lecture and Q&A session lead by Perdido Bay CrossFit owner and head coach, Randy Malikowski. FREE to all Perdido Bay CrossFit Members/Paleo Challenge Participants. This will be the final preparation for our New Years Paleo Nutrition Challenge which will kick off directly after the lecture on the following Monday, 11 January 2016, and run through Friday, 5 February 2016. Be prepared to complete your before pictures & measurements on Saturday the 11th of January and also mark on your calendars for the closeout session for Saturday, 6 February 2016. This is going to be an exciting one and we look forward to seeing you there!

Our Facebook event page can be found here and don’t forget to join our private Paleo Challenge group and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey in your search for a much healthier life full of the best fuel of nutrition.

Paleo Nutrition Lecture and Q&A Session in prep for the 2016 New Year’s Paleo Challenge this SATURDAY

Are you going to be prepared and ready for the New Year? Please join us for a 3 hour Paleo Nutrition Lecture and Q&A session lead by Perdido Bay CrossFit owner and head coach, Randy Malikowski, this upcoming Saturday! FREE to all Perdido Bay CrossFit members and $10 donation for non-members which will be donated to our 2015 Barbells for Boobs team campaign. This will be the official preparation for our 2016 New Year’s Paleo Nutrition Challenge which will kick off on Monday January 11, 2016. We are requesting attendees to bring a ‘best guess’ Paleo hors d’oeuvre so that you can all socialize during breaks and after the lecture with those that who potentially be in this with you for the 30 day challenge. If you’re interested in participating in the upcoming New Years Paleo Challenge and/or have your coach ever provide any nutrition feedback through your meal tracking in Wodify and have not attended any of the previous nutrition lectures, then this the event that you will not want to miss! There will not be another lecture hosted prior to the challenge kickoff so please be present if you plan to participate in any upcoming challenges or nutrition tracking. There’s so much information to be given to ensure your success that cannot be provided in any other abbreviated forum. For up to date details, check out the Facebook event page here. Hope to see you there!

Balance A Healthy Lifestyle

Have you heard yet? We have partnered with Balance and they are delivering delicious Paleo freshly pre-made meals directly to the box on Mondays and Thursdays every week!

A little about Balance, Liz and John, and their mission:

Our mission at Balance is to make the most delicious food that’s as good to you, as it is for you. That’s why you’ll never find anything artificial like hormones, additives or preservatives in any of our dishes or snacks. And boy do they do just that!

We are so blessed and fortunate to be their first delivery location in Pensacola and to have this amazing partnership opportunity. Their food is the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest of any pre-made Paleo delivery service ever tried!

So, how do you check out their products and order? They have an easy online system for ordering which can be found here on their site. You can also call them if you want to order over the phone at 251-298-2556. They have created an extra special athlete menu for in house athletes so be sure to always ask about what’s new on the menu and let them know that you are a Perdido Bay CrossFit athlete and would like your delivery picked up right here at the box.

Be sure to check out their Blog and FAQ as well as like them on Facebook too in order to stay up to date on the menus and ordering information. Oh yeah, and that awesome menu can be found here!

We totally recommend; try Balance today!


Perdido Bay CrossFit 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Perdido Bay CrossFit celebrates our very first year anniversary on September 4th! Woohoo!

Please join us on next Saturday, September 5th, from 1-4pm to celebrate such a successful first year and as we continue our limitless growth and plans into the future with the entire PBCF past, present, and future Family and Friends community. We have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for in our community, but most importantly – YOU! The morning will start off with regular box hours from 9am-1:00pm with our Anniversary WOD and then the celebrations shall commence immediately following with an afternoon packed full of food, fun and fellowship with our great Family and Friends. We will have Balance, our preferred choice of locally owned pre-packaged Paleo food meal service, on site the entire afternoon providing Paleo samples and healthy treats; Fit Aid refreshing drinks; Raffles and Giveaways; and plenty of festivities and activities for the kids as well. Be sure to mark your calendars, invite away, and join us for this afternoon fun-filled packed event which is Free and Open to the Public. Join us!