Just wanted to let the PBCF family know that we are back to regular scheduled hours starting tomorrow at 5am. Looking forward to seeing everyone back in the box!

Also, we’ve had so many inquiries and we are trying to get things together with all that has been ongoing in our lives so for anyone that’s interested in adding a card or anything uplifting to a box for our son Coyle, who is in Harborview in Seattle since his accident just last Monday going through his extensive rehabilitation, can drop those items off at Perdido Bay CrossFit or mail them there for consolidation to 700 B Giese Lane Pensacola, FL 32506. We will be mailing packages at least once or twice a week starting this week. Also, inquiries have been made regarding sending donations for Randy’s underermined length of stay in Seattle, and we’d just like to graciously say that those donations are not necessary, as we are so very blessed that our WA family and friends have come to assist in this great time of need. But, if you’d like to also send him words of encouragement, cards, a travel bible or daily prayer books etc., we will be mailing boxes to him as well starting this week. We love you all and are blessed to be supported by so many strong and supportive people. You all have assisted tremendously in us maintaining the courage and strength to stay focused for this family and for everyone’s complete healing and recovery. For that, we thank you all and we will ensure that we continue to keep you abreast of the situation and time frame in which Randy will remain in Seattle as everything continues to develop. 

But, even with Randy temporarily out of the net, we will still hold strong and ensure that we have some big gains in the box! So, see you there and looking forward to being a part of those PRs!