PBCF New Year’s Paleo Challenge and Lecture Details

Here is the important information for you to prepare for this Saturday’s lecture and our Paleo Challenge starting next Monday!
The Paleo Nutrition Lecture and Q and A Session will be this Saturday from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.
No cost to gym members and $25 for non-gym members, cash or check please. We are requesting attendees to bring a ‘best guess’ Paleo hors d’oeuvre so that you can all socialize during breaks and after the lecture with those that who potentially be in this with you for the 45 day challenge.

PBCF New Year’s Paleo Nutrition Challenge January 5, 2015 to February 18, 2015
Free to gym members and $60 for non-gym members.
We will be having prizes for two different categories for our challenge and will have an optional $25 cash buy-in if you plan on participating in challenge. All money will go into a kitty and prizes will be given at the end of the challenge to those participants that bought-in. You can only enter into one of the categories.
Categories: Body Image Change: Male and Female: decided on changes in measurement, weight and physical change.
Performance Change: Male and Female: decided on most dramatic change in performance on workout.

Saturday Be Ready
Be ready to get measured and have your weight taken for pre-challenge statistics.
Have a change of clothes (or wear under your street clothes) so we can take a picture of you pre-challenge. We will use your phone or your camera and you will keep the pictures. You will want to wear as minimal of clothing as you feel comfortable for your picture. You will have your picture and measurements done in the restroom at the gym so you have privacy.
At the end of the paleo challenge we will repeat the measurements, weight and photos for comparison. We will explain how this works this Saturday.

This Saturday we will be handing out our updated Quick Start Guide, Food List and Our Photo, Measurement Information. We need everyone to be here to collect this information so you can be ready to start on Monday morning. This weekend we will be asking you to clean out your kitchen of all non-paleo food and go shopping after we conclude the lecture.

All gym members will also participate in a pre-challenge and post-challenge workout to measure your performance improvement over the 45 days. All Paleo Challenge Categories will participate in this workout (everyone in the gym will do this workout Monday). If you miss the workout on Monday, you will need to get the workout made up as soon as you can. You can talk to one of the coaches to make-up the workout.

Non-gym participants and out of town participants
We will be able to stay in close communication through email. Your food logs will be due every Monday morning for the previous week. You will have unlimited access to ask as many questions as you need privately through email or to the private group. We will also have open information posted on the PBCF New Year’s Paleo Nutrition Challenge Facebook Event page. If you have the ability to complete a pre-challenge workout please do at your local gym. Sorry, but non-gym members and out of town participants will not be eligible for prizes. Please email use at perdidobaycrossfit@gmail.com and we will get you further instruction on how to join and pay.

We are super excited to get this Paleo Nutritional challenge underway and can’t wait to see your results!