Hot August News!

Family and Friends, as we are mid way through the month of August and everyone is busy heading, or getting the kiddos ready, for Back to School we wanted to be sure to give you some updates and Hot PBCF News!

Amara August Back to School Special: A Buck a Bottle, $1 each, so be sure to grab yours when you are in the box today. Hurry though, they are going FAST!!!!

Student & Teacher Discounts: Be sure to inquire about your Student or Teacher discount if you are a current or new member!

Competitor’s Training is on fire right now especially with the heavy upcoming Fall competition schedule so be sure to get with Coach Randy if you are interested. Competitor’s training runs M-Friday 6:30-8pm and Saturday 11:00am-1pm and we are looking to add in an adjusted schedule possibly in the future if its determined that there is a high demand for it.

Past Survey Results: Thank you to everyone for contributing and taking the time to answer our recent survey that was sent out. It allows us to greatly improve and provide you all with the things that you desire to the best of our ability and the BEST coaching possible. We want you to know that we hear you and always openly listen in order to make any necessary adjustments. THANK YOU for your contribution and participation and you’ll see many of your recommended adjustments as you’re in the box.

Upcoming News and Specials in September:

September is officially our 1 Year Anniversary and we want to celebrate YOU throughout the entire month of September so we will honor September as our official Friends and Family month and will kick off the month of September with the following promotions –

September Refer a Friend Month for current members. For every athlete that you refer to Perdido Bay CrossFit that signs up for membership, you both will receive $25 off of your membership! This includes memberships at our regular or discounted rates for full time or 3 days a week! DOUBLE BONUS!! Everyone likes double discounts and we appreciate all of YOU!

Saturday’s Bring a Friend Buddy WODs FREE for the entire month so grab a friend, new or old to CrossFit, and head on in to the box from 9-11 every Saturday morning. We love our drop-ins and all of the new company so the more, the merrier!

Also, Saturday September 5, 2015, we will host our Perdido Bay CrossFit 1 Year Anniversary Celebration from 1-4pm to celebrate such a successful first year and as we continue our limitless growth and plans into the future. We have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for in our community, but most importantly – YOU! The morning will start off with regular box hours from 9am-1:00pm with our Anniversary WOD and then the celebrations shall commence immediately following with an afternoon packed full of food, fun and fellowship with our great Family and Friends. We will have Balance, our preferred choice of locally owned pre-packaged Paleo food meal service, on site the entire afternoon providing Paleo samples and healthy treats; Fit Aid and Amara refreshing drinks; Raffles and Giveaways; and plenty of festivities and activities for the kids as well. Be sure to mark your calendars, invite away, and join us for this afternoon fun-filled packed event which is Free and Open to the Public. Join us!

Last, but not least, yes we are still on the hunt for a much bigger and more accommodating space as we had no idea that we’d be busting out of the box so soon so please bare with us in our transition and we will continue to keep you all posted and ensure that it is an extremely seamless transition for you all. Not to mention, still within our general location and with all of the added amenities that we are in sought of (i.e., showers, kitchen space, child play area, and enough sf for our Olympic Lifting and accessory training as well).

Thank you all for choosing Perdido Bay CrossFit for your coaching, training, and nutrition needs. We truly do appreciate YOU and are looking forward to our Friends and Family month! All of this growth and new possibilities are because of each and every one of YOU!

CrossFit Open Starts This Week

The CrossFit Games Open is in it’s fifth year. This world wide competition unites CrossFit communities and allows individuals to compare themselves with others from around the globe. Most will participate in the Open just for the fun and the experience, while some will make a competitive run to the next level of competition.

We truly hope we can get everyone at PBCF to participate if not for the competition, but just for the overall experience and for our box community spirit. If you aren’t going to participate we wish that you would still come on out and encourage and cheer on those that are participating. We have a few athletes here at PBCF that have the ability to move to the next level of competition and we sure want to make sure they get all of our support.

Open Workout Schedule:

Friday’s (starting this week 2/27/15)
Morning classes, lunch class and 3:30 pm regular classes will do the Open workout but will not be judged.

Open participants can begin warming up at 4:30 and heats start at 5:00 pm. Those participants arriving after 4:30 pm can begin their warm-up when they arrive and sign-up for a later heat. Heats will continue as needed. If necessary, the last heat will begin at 6:30 pm.

If you did not get a chance to do the Open workout on Friday evening for judging then come to Saturday session. Warm-ups begin at 9:00 am and heats begin at 9:30 am. Depending on how many participants come  Saturday, we may have open gym time between 11:00 am – 12:00 noon with the possibility of extending Saturday hours if necessary during the five weeks of the open.

We can set up a time for participants to be judged for the Open workout, but this will be by appointment only. Be sure to get with Randy ahead of time, no later than Friday, if you need to schedule Sunday judging whether it be to repeat the workout or for an initial judging because you have a scheduling conflict and can’t make it to Friday evenings or Saturday.

Last, but not least, we want to encourage maximum participation for our box’s very first Open and possibly many of our athletes’ first experiences as well so we offer everyone who signs up for the Open and joins the PBCF team a FitAid punch card redeemable for 10 FREE FitAid beverages, a $30 value. Usually FitAid is priced at $3 a can and with a punch card you buy 10 and get one free. With your Open registration with Perdido Bay CrossFit, you will get the 10 FREE! We’ll see your registration on the Team page here and will distribute your FitAid punch cards when you come in to complete 15.1 this upcoming week.

Register HERE and be sure to stay tuned to watch 15.1 announced live on Thursday evening on

Side note: Simply by registering for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, you have a chance at winning a $250 Rogue gift card and a Rogue 2.0 barbell for your CrossFit affiliate, as well as a free pair of custom Reebok CrossFit Nanos for yourself.

The prize package will be awarded to anyone who lands on a multiple of 10,000 in registration. With more than 100,000 athletes registered so far, there are already 10 winners on four continents.