Gym Closure Thursday 30 October – Saturday 1 November with Back to Regular Schedule Monday, November 3rd

PBCF Family,

Unfortunately, with Randy currently out of town in Seattle as his son Coyle is going through treatment and recovery from an unfortunate accident on Monday, and with Angela undergoing surgery tomorrow and being under inpatient care through Friday, we will have the box closed for just a couple of days from Thursday 30 October through Saturday 1 November. But, know that we will be back to regular hours on Monday at 5am! Luckily, this week’s programming has been programmed for heavy conditioning as we are just finishing up Barbells for Boobs (which was an amazing success by the way thanks to all of you and that post will also follow as we begin to get caught up) so you can complete your daily WODs just about anywhere for these next couple of days and save a tad on fuel costs. But, keep getting after it and even incorporate the family in on the fun and be ready to head back into the box next week as we begin an awesome strength cycle.

Also, know that we can’t even begin to thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time in which Randy is in Seattle to be with Coyle as he’s undergoing treatment and recovering as best as can be expected. For updates, his WA family has created a CaringBridge blog to keep everyone updated and you can find it here. Like most internet updates though, we ask that you all just view with caution, as the posts have not been pre-screened by Randy and all of the updates and the information is being funneled through by a third party. We also want to clarify that we are not in sought of financial donations, as Coyle is covered under two medical insurances and both parents are in a position to be by his side at this time while his stepparents care for the families. We will keep our family and loved ones updated personally as best as possible throughout Randy’s absence which includes all of you especially with any box closures that affect you and your training.

Thank you for continuing to support us and for believing in us even through all of these trying times. We couldn’t make it without all of you. We look forward to seeing you in the box today and then getting back on schedule next week.

Gym Closure

PBCF Family,

It is with great regret that we must close the gym today due to an unexpected family emergency. Randy will be departing for Seattle for a few days and we’ll continue to keep you posted on the hours for the remainder of the week so please stay tuned to the news and Facebook pages. Thank you for your understanding and we completely apologize for any inconvenience and will ensure that we make it up to you all. Please keep our family in your continued prayers.

Columbus Day Federal Holiday Closure

We regret to inform all of our awesome athletes that we will be closed on Monday, October 13, 2014 in observance of the Columbus Day Federal holiday so that we can head out for some much needed R&R. Please plan accordingly and we hope to see you all in the box this Saturday for open gym from 9-12pm to get a head start on the long weekend as well as to join us for our Paleo Nutrition Lecture at 2:30pm. Have a great long, active, weekend!!! And keep after it!