PBCF Paleo Challenge Results

We have finished our first PBCF Paleo Challenge and had six brave individuals that bought-in (with cash) to earn places for prizes. We started with 15 total individuals, most of these athletes finished the challenge on their own and some had great results. Joel was not in the competition but lost 20 pounds over the six weeks.
We had four athletes that were competing in the Body Image change category and two athletes competing in the Performance Change category. We will announce the winners to both categories Saturday, February 21st. All six of the participants will be getting a prize for their participation with our top Body Image and Performance Change winners receiving cash.
Please congratulate all of the participants for their determination and great results. Our two Performance ladies completed a pre and post challenge workout to judge their performance changes. They both did phenomenal with a gain of over 40 reps from the first workout to the second workout.
We had four ladies that made it to the end of the challenge in the Body Image category with great results:
Total weight loss (all 4): 39.8 pounds
Total inches lost in waist (all 4): 13.01 inches
Total inches lost in hips (all 4): 10.97 inches
All four of these ladies have also committed to continue to eat Paleo and get even further results towards the health and body image they desire. Keep an eye out for our next Paleo Challenge happening in the future, so you can get the results you are searching for.
Great job to all of our participants!