Paleo Challenge Closeout Meeting

This Saturday 2/14/15 is our New Year’s Paleo Challenge Closeout Meeting. After six weeks of eating Paleo and working out hard we are ready to see your results. You will be completing your final weigh-in and final measurements. For those that took pictures at the beginning of the challenge please remember to wear the same clothes so we can take your post challenge pictures. Do not workout that morning so you can have accurate readings on weight and measurements. You will complete the post workout next Monday 2/16/15 (or when you can get it done).

We will be teaching you how to effectively reintegrate certain foods back into your nutritional plan. There is other important information we need to share before we send you out on your own into the world of Paleo recipes, so it is important that you attend this meeting.

Now, for the fun stuff. Please bring a fun Paleo dish for all to share. You will complete measurements, weight and photos first then, you can dig in to the goodies. Yes, Paleo desserts are alright for this fun event. Yum!

Meeting begins at 2:00 PM and runs until we get finished. We expect to be done by 4:00 for everyone going out with their significant other for Valentine’s Day. What a great way to celebrate!