Our Coaches

At Perdido Bay CrossFit (PBCF) we take tremendous pride in our coaching staff and each coach’s excellence. We are very lucky to have such an experienced and diverse group of folks. Since the PBCF doors have opened, we have had numerous individuals approach us about potential coaching opportunities, but it is our current coaches who are the cream of the crop and the most well rounded and fit best in completing the PBCF ‘mold’ which is to ensure that we cover every athlete’s needs and that no one is ever let down within our box. Our PBCF coaches are athletes and coaches, trainers, but most importantly, teachers. They are humble, goal oriented, compassionate, and always learning. There is no doubt that PBCF has by far the best coaching in the Southeast, definitely in Northwest Florida, under the direction of PBCF Affiliate Owner Randy Malikowski, Head Coach Jenson VanCise and Coaches Kyra Pelletier, Andrea Sabbatine and Kelli Wise. You deserve nothing less than the best; so we challenge you, come experience that with us here at PBCF! It’ll be a move that you will never regret!

Interested in Coaching?
If you are ever interested in coaching, please let Randy know and he is always happy to sit down and talk in order to decide what the best path for you would be. And don’t forget to check out our current coaches’ bios in the drop down link above.