Balance A Healthy Lifestyle

Have you heard yet? We have partnered with Balance and they are delivering delicious Paleo freshly pre-made meals directly to the box on Mondays and Thursdays every week!

A little about Balance, Liz and John, and their mission:

Our mission at Balance is to make the most delicious food that’s as good to you, as it is for you. That’s why you’ll never find anything artificial like hormones, additives or preservatives in any of our dishes or snacks. And boy do they do just that!

We are so blessed and fortunate to be their first delivery location in Pensacola and to have this amazing partnership opportunity. Their food is the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest of any pre-made Paleo delivery service ever tried!

So, how do you check out their products and order? They have an easy online system for ordering which can be found here on their site. You can also call them if you want to order over the phone at 251-298-2556. They have created an extra special athlete menu for in house athletes so be sure to always ask about what’s new on the menu and let them know that you are a Perdido Bay CrossFit athlete and would like your delivery picked up right here at the box.

Be sure to check out their Blog and FAQ as well as like them on Facebook too in order to stay up to date on the menus and ordering information. Oh yeah, and that awesome menu can be found here!

We totally recommend; try Balance today!