And the Winners Are…

It is time to announce our winners from the PBCF New Year’s Paleo Nutritional Challenge. We know that all of the participants are winners, especially with the great success each of them saw, so make sure to congratulate everyone for their dedication and commitment to trying something new and to make changes to their health through food.

Here we go, drum roll please….

In our Body Image Change category our first place winner is Deanne Cabigting. She lost the most weight, inches in her waist, hips, and had a dramatic increase on the number of repetitions she had from her pre-workout to her post-workout.

In our Performance Change category our first place winner is Jenn Mood. In an extremely close competition she acquired a larger increase in repetitions than her closest competitor. We had two ladies finish in this category and both have turned into incredible athletes. We are so proud of watching them both turn into beasts.

We had six athletes that competed for cash prizes but had 15 athletes changing their life through nutrition. Of our athletes in our Body Image Change category (4 ladies) these incredible ladies lost a total of 40 pounds. Now, that 40 pounds was probably more like 50 – 55 total pounds because each of them gained muscle during this six week time period, and of course muscle weighs more than fat. These ladies lost an incredible 13.01 inches in their waist, and over 10 inches combined in their waist. Go buy new pants ladies, you deserve it.

Our two winners will both receive $100 cash and are other competitors will receive a gift card to Ever’mans Natural Foods. Each of you, please come by the box and pick up your prizes anytime this upcoming Monday!

Here is the list of our ladies that competed and will receive gifts:
Deanne Cabigting
Sherry Vallia
Laura Hill
Roci Laguer
Jenn Mood
Carol Gentry

As for our gents, there were some major results seen there too and it can’t go without notice. GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Looking forward to another run at it prior to summer so watch for dates to be published. And, until then, keep going strong!