Welcome to the Perdido Bay CrossFit Family! For those who realize that HEALTH AND FITNESS are the true keys to happiness and the fountain of youth. It is our philosophy with CrossFit that any person seeking better health and/or fitness; regardless of age, aliments, stress or any other limitations, can exceed their fitness goals. You only need to walk through our door and we will be there for you. We pride ourselves in keeping it classy by ensuring that we keep our classes small; although, our PBCF Family continues to grow every single day with more folks just like you.

There are coaches and trainers, and then there are teachers. Twenty years of teaching and over thirty years of coaching have helped develop the best environment for your goals and needs. That is the environment in which we foster here at PBCF. We have helped hundreds of very different individuals with a vast difference in needs. Every one of those folks are still part of our PBCF Family no matter what part of the country they now live. Your goals and dreams become our mission whether you desire to lose weight, just want to become healthier, and/or have dreams of being a champion in your sport. We will remain committed to you! We have been helping flight students and Blue Angels pilots to stay fit for 10 years!

We truly believe that everyone has the ability to reach their maximum health and fitness goals so let us be the catalyst throughout your journey and come on in and visit us to at least try your 2 days free.


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