We Made It!

So, if you all haven’t been following, or haven’t noticed as of yet, we have made it home to Florida and have been busier than ever! With only 1 week under our belt, we have managed to prepare for our first Paleo Nutritional Challenge from this location, begun the hunt for our new ‘box’ space, applied for CrossFit Affiliation, and have even had a bit of time to start seeing local family. It has been an adventure we tell you, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. We do terribly miss our North Carolina family and are looking forward to keeping in touch and visiting soon because no matter the number of moves, saying the “See You Laters” never get any easier. We are happy about finally being stationary though so we can be more productive for you and not to mention, the local access to the beaches are a huge bonus. Nonetheless though, no matter the distance or geographical location, rest assured that we will always be here for each of you no matter the physical distance between us. We will continue programming and WODing daily and are in hopes of locking in a suitable space for us to continue to grow into as soon as possible. So, continue to train smart and follow the programming, we will get you there!