Saturday, November 19, 2016 JK6

This Saturday the gym will be open 7:00 am until 1:00 pm as we assist in the hosting of the First Annual Memorial Workout for Captain Jess Kuss. Please come join us to honor him and follow up on the JK 6 Facebook page to officially register for this event. It is a prestigious honor to be selected to assist in the hosting of this event and we look forward to all of the local support in ensuring that this is a memorable and special day.

Event page can be found here and you can read more about JK6 here.

This workout is being conducted as a fundraiser to raise money in honor of Capt. Jeff Kuss, our Blue Angels #6 pilot, tragically killed earlier this year and all proceeds are being donated to the HellCat Program, whose purpose is to connect current Blue Angel members with those who were previously on the team, in an attempt to honor the legacy of those that came before and made it possible for the team to be where it is today. To quote the organization, “…it is essential to the legacy of this team to be mindful every day of where we came from so that we can honor those that selflessly paved the road and painted the sky blue for the current team and the teams to come.” Primarily, the group honors those that have passed on by highlighting their accomplishments and achievements, honoring them by maintaining fallen or passed on team members’ gravesites, and things of that nature.

The proceeds generated from this workout will be donated to the Hellcat Program in honor of Capt. Jeff Kuss. While this event is being sponsored by two current Blue Angels team members, this event is not endorsed by or affiliated with the US Navy Blue Angels.