Kelli Wise

Kelli Wise is a CrossFit Level 1 certified coach at Perdido Bay CrossFit. Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, Kelli attended the Naval Academy where she earned a Bachelor Of Science degree in Oceanography and commissioned as a Naval Officer in 2018.  After graduation, Kelli moved to Pensacola and is currently going through training to become a Naval Flight Officer. Discovering CrossFit in high school, Kelli wanted to keep up with the sport as she moved away from her home gym and entered the Naval Academy. She earned a spot on the competition team of the Naval Academy’s affiliate “CrossFit Blue and Gold”. In 2016, Kelli completed her Level 1 course and began coaching classes that were provided to the student body. In addition to CrossFit, Kelli grew up playing various sports and is an avid volleyball player. She played for the Naval Academy’s club volleyball team and competes in local beach volleyball tournaments. Passionate about health and fitness, Kelli believes that CrossFit and the community it provides will lead people to a happy and healthy lifestyle.